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Safeguarding Children: Standards and Guidance Document for the Catholic Church in Ireland
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Our Children of Church (OCOC) was launched I December 2005 following its endorsement by the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference, CORI and the Irish Missionary Union. A core recommendation of OCOC was the establishment of a National Board for Safeguarding Children.

A key responsibility of this Board is to assist those implementing safeguarding policy and procedures throughout the Church in Ireland to achieve a consistent and up-to-date standard of best practice.

The Board has found that over the years most diocese and religious orders have produced and implemented their own policies and procedures, largely in isolation from each other. The result is a multiplicity of guidance that contains different interpretations of what represents best practice for the Church.

This publication seeks to address this situation by reiterating and developing further the core principles outlined in OCOC. These principles are drawn from Gospel values, mirrored in civil legislation and policy, and apply across both jurisdictions on the island of Ireland.

From these core principles are drawn seven Standards that represent best practice in the area of safeguarding and protecting children.

The intention of this publication is to provide a practical mechanism by which everyone in the Church in Ireland can reach a uniform standard of best practice in safeguarding based on the core principles established in OCOC.

It is important to note that this document involved some amendments to the structures and processes outlined in OCOC.

The Board therefore suggests that this publication ,  Safeguarding Children ,  now becomes the first and only necessary point of reference for all those with responsibility for implementing the Churchs safeguarding policy and procedures across both jurisdictions in Ireland.

Where aspects of OCOC have not yet been developed in this document, these will be considered in due course and presented in the form of supplementary material.